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Thursday 1 July, 2004 @ 11:46:44 by Cafuego
sbs / fixed

And now my pages actually validate when you run 'em through the W3C validator!
Saturday 7 February, 2004 @ 16:59:56 by Cafuego
sbs / version 0.3

There, SBS version 0.3 is now packaged for Debian GNU/Linux and installs properly. You can find the sources.list entries on the download page.

There are no feature differences with version 0.2, just packaging, so if you're on 0.2 you still have the latest version.
Tuesday 6 January, 2004 @ 13:38:07 by Cafuego
sbs / packaging

Working on SBS 0.3 now, with a few fixes suggested by Kelvin W Sherlock. Also fixing the SBS Debian package... and when that's done, I'll go and hunt for a sponsor to get it into the main archive.
Tuesday 18 November, 2003 @ 09:02:11 by Cafuego
sbs / mozilla

Finally, the mozilla people fixed gecko! SBS now doesn't look like a total mess when viewed with mozilla 1.5 or higher.