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Monday 19 March, 2007 @ 15:38:32 by Cafuego
work / backporting

Becasue I have a client who wants to run a specific version of EzPublish I spent a day last week doing apache, apache2, php4 and php5 backports from Etch to Sarge. I left mysql alone for now, so these use libmysqlclient14.

If these would be useful to you, you can find them at I've not tested them extensively yet, but apache2+php4+mysql works okay :-)

In unrelated news, to be more web 2.0 compliant my blog is now labeled BETA.

Friday 8 December, 2006 @ 11:24:26 by Cafuego
work / imap

At some time in the past 8 hours cyrus has decided to explode. A few dozen ctl_cyrusdb processes were eating cpu time as fast as they could, no mail was being delivered and imap was not responding.

Last week, some problems occurred with the seen databases, resetting the seen status on a few thousand emails. Annoying.

Time then to change.

I've decided to swap the whole lot (15 or so GB of mail) over from cyrus to dovecot+maildir. I've heard dovecut is a bit faster than other imap servers, so that's a nice side effect too. A quick google picked up cyrus2maildir, a small python script, which seems to be doing the trick with only minor changes. (It requires python 2.4)

Conversion is currently running, but the imap server is only a P3/600, so that'll take a while :-) 

Thursday 7 December, 2006 @ 22:19:50 by Cafuego
work / OSDC

I've been at OSDC for the past 2 days (one day to go) and it's been great!

Found out about some cool projects, about shiny things, about what goes on behind, that perl is FAR more scary than I had ever feared possible, and about at least one way to save the business some money and make my life easier.

Saturday 27 May, 2006 @ 21:00:36 by Cafuego
work / free&open

Arrived in Nijmegen on thursday to stay with my long-time friend Michel for a week or so. He wants to set up a company (sole trader) and get himself organised with a laptop, web site, email etcetera.

Earlier in the week I'd suggested and installed on his parents' laptop. They're very happy with it.

Yesterday Michel insisted on having OOo as well. Same with Firfox and Thunderbird. Yay! A new convert! ;-)

Got a domain too and added more free/open goodness in the form of Joomla.

A new happy & satisfied customer, all set up and working for only the price of hardware. On ya.