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Tuesday 11 July, 2006 @ 16:50:50 by Cafuego
wifi / nodegsg

NodeGSG is back. Using a surplus access point and NoCat, there is now free (limited) wifi access here. 17 neighbours have found the network and tried to view some websites sofar.

NodeGSGActually, it's more likely that 17 neighbour laptops have tried to access WindowsUpdate, but got blocked ;-)

External access is shaped to 64/64Kbit using shaperd, so I still keep decent bandwidth for myself and the business. It's also set up to transparently proxy through squid, to keep external bandwidth use to a minimum.

For browsing sites and/or checking webmail it should be dandy this way.

Last week I downloaded a whole bunch of Linux CD and DVD ISOs (CentOS, Mandriva, Ubuntu) to hand out to a bandwidth-unfortunate at the next LUV meeting. These are sitting on one of the machines here and I plan to share those out to whomever wants them.

Tuesday 14 March, 2006 @ 10:03:23 by Cafuego
wifi / falcon

WPC54GLast week I set up a falcon repository for some custom Ubuntu Dapper packages I've been making. Today the first useful addition was uploaded, firmware for the bcm43xx driver.

This driver (See blog #110) is now included in Ubuntu kernels by default.

On a related note, so is the driver (and firmware) for my ACX111 based Netgear card. This means I've been able to get rid of ndiswrapper altogether. Yay!

(DHCP now works fine too, btw)

Wednesday 18 January, 2006 @ 13:12:50 by Cafuego
wifi / Apple iBook

As of yesterday morning, my wife's iBook (running Ubuntu Dapper) is talking to the wireless networks via its Airport Extreme card. This means she can probably run Linux for her talk at next week :-)

The default 2.6.15-12 kernel supports WEP, but with a small patch you can make it do WPA! dhcp seems to not work yet, but with a static IP the machine works just dandy.

This patch should apply cleanly to the linux-source-2.6.15 package in Ubuntu. I got it from the mailing list archives on


Friday 26 November, 2004 @ 11:48:18 by Cafuego
wifi / conference

Quiet on the blog front this week coz I've spent it running around at the VITTA 2004 Conference. The AMD64 box from my previous post got volunteered to play squid proxy to two labs of computers and two venue levels of WiFi goodness :-)

The system ran beautifully and wireless worked pretty much throughout the building. (Flemington racecourse grandstand, for those who care).