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The current version of internode.php is 17. If you want to see what the output looks like before you download, you can preview the rss feed, the image graph, the parsed text, raw dump or the Cisco 79xx XML data. (Or the version check) Alternatively, view the source.

[ Internode Usage Graph]

internode.17.php (7.6Kb bzip2, 7.7Kb gzip)

NEW: Source is now hosted on GitHub. If you have a feature you want to add, simply fork and start coding.

With an eye on the development of GPLv3, I've specified the licence for internode.php as GPLv2.


Creative Contingencies. Brisbane server, Australia.
1302 downloads since May 9, 2013.
1159 downloads since May 9, 2013.

internode.php has been downloaded a grand total of 50817 times across all versions since its inception in May 2004.

And here is a quick link to the relevant whirlpool thread.